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Retribution for the Dead : Gruesome death! And the cannibalism of CRYPTWORM.

I'm not so sure, if my Sunday will end up like this. And soon the left-hand-path will be re-written like before. And the work schedules will goes "rot" like yesterday, same and bored! The filthy reason I stay on the same jobs for many years because they let me keep my long hair and obey their fvcking system and sometimes I can feel like I'm drowned and sinking into nowhere and into the unknown places without any passion. Fuh!

And here, a band that saved my week and give me a huge twisted inspiration towards the life revival. Disgusting, filthy and raw feeling like a life wheel's! 

+ + 

CRYPTWORM! Crawling from the dark and deepest Bristol's graveyard, UK. It's was conducted by two deadhead, Tibor Hanyi on "sickness" vocal and "crunchy" guitar and Joe Knight on the long-horror "Dead-beat", CRYPTWORM keep and bring up the tunes more disgusting, and stinky of pure old Death Metal into another level and sick enough and you guess what they know how to deal with it's seem they already on this path before in other bands.

"Gruesome Death" opened the debut demo and immediately will bring you into the old death years, the heavy-crunch tones from T.H guitar and the rotting riff's totally out of minds and it's already slicing me apart. T.H keep it's more sick-horrible-down-tuned and it's really good to feed the cannibal, and later smashing their dead-brains. On the second tracks, the deadhead beyond the drums, J.K already waiting to put his heavy-blast of dead-beat on the classick way. Just loved the smell of pure old "Skansk" beat. Unlike the previous and the ending tracks, "Cannibalized" are short in terms of song durations. And the song also contained alot of faster "rotting grinder" song arrangement, it's enough to make you sinking into the your coffins and eaten by the rotting worms! The slow death / mid-tempo atmosphere, CRYPTWORM created for the ending tracks, "Gutswamp" will slice your skin and dismembered all the dead creatures! 

On the running times of the CRYPTWORM debut demo, you will faced a deep-grunted growl, it's heavy and pure sick by T.H!, cavernous and crushing guitar tones / pure energetic drum-beats by J.K and the combinations of fast - slow in the song arrangement. And you will know that "stinky" feel till you rewind the demo again and again. SICK!  

This is 12 : 55 minutes of raw-cannibalised and pure disgusting of Death Metal from the dirty grave. The sound production also will give you a horror bad-dreams through the survival from the "eaten human flesh". Mark Riddick make it's more sick as always with his magic-hand drawing sketch, the black  / white inks on the covers tapes make it's look classick enough! I'm really loved the old-demo feels. To be sick, I'm totally possessed with the demo, and without any doubt this is will going on my personal choice for "Best of Death Metal demo 2017" list. Blluueerrgggghhh!!! 

To order you copies just heading out into Goatprayer Records coffin and this is totally recommended for all demo tape collector and the lover of Death Metal in disgusting and putrid ways!