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Retribution for the Dead : Enter the horror dimensions of.... "Chamber of Laments"

If you one of DEATH METAL-Underground gravedigger, you maybe familiar with a name of 'Uriel Aguillon' - A rotting man beyond of Morbicus, Cannabis Sative, Pyrophoric, Gutwrench, Rotting Away, Cryptic Realm and another band that I loved so much, NECRORITE!  Uriel Aguillon should require no long introduction when came to DEATH METAL, he knows how to make it's and what the best flavor to make it's more ugly and disgusting one! And here, I presented to you a brand new DEATH METAL project that him worked for, VORUS!

I much dig all music that Uriel Aguillon worked with NECRORITE before and with VORUS, I founde(a)d something new and fresh that might him create and probably cemented directly into other side of my deadbrains. "Chamber of Laments" Demo definitely comes with good song arrangements-structures, horror-melodies and will remains (rotting) as one of my favorites Death Metal demo releases in 2017. 

"Chamber of Laments" Demo contains three song that spawned onto the old-premature DOD'S burial session, straight forward and catchy song, and it's just take you around 2-4 minutes for a song and delivered of mid/fast paced of old fashioned Death Metal with total ripping-rotting riff's guitar, double attack on the bass drums and grunt-ranged 
mid growls by the master himself. There are some interesting parts from the song, that got my deadbrains : froze and burning! The productions of the demo still heavier out from Uriel Aguillon touches on the final productions, Those riff's with heavy-distortions and anger-aggressive approach especially on 'Where Misery Crawls' and that 'doomier to the death' parts on this songs just show us another re-awakening Uriel Aguillon ability to create a new dimension of horror-dark Death Metal atmosphere.

Just hope there will another release after "Chamber of Laments' demo, and for those seem hold the old school Death-banner just give a chances listen up to VORUS. It's worthy for you to check!  

Paradise is Burning…
Fireballs in the sky!
Paradise is Burning….
Burnt angels in the ground!