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Retribution for the Dead : The stench smell of Death!

KRYPTA may hailing from Milano, Italy, but the sound beyond the "In Torment" EP make me think that they crawled and festering out from Stockholm. The band started to spawned the dark-path of dead when Dorian (Guitarist) meet Emilian and Vlaad to join the creation of KRYPTA. This three-piece Old School "Swedish" Death Metal maggot has put a fully dedicated to the classic "Sunlight" sound trademark and it's really good to recall all again this buzzsaw tunes on here.

KRYPTA plays a style of Death Metal that is very heavily rooted in the early 90's of Swe-Death, the production sounds very heavy and the final mix-master for "In Torment" EP on Nowherecrypt really turn in very good result. "In Torment" EP, just show up that it's may be sounded more like Dismember, Entombed or other country-mate, Daemoniac but it's still be can considered as good release and those that loved all Swedish Death Metal classick-sound may be loved what KYRPTA played.

"In Torment" EP contained a numerous of heaviness touch since the EP started to spin off, from heavy-flesh ripping riff's, mellow-death melodies, deep-growled, grinding-blast-beat and the attack of double bass drum. All of that things are perfectly match onto the song and heavy influence the music that you listen to and KRYPTA show how to blend between the fast-slow tempo in this EP in very good of way, it's just naturally come to sense and you can spot that on "Doomed to be" or "The Stench of Death". "In Torment" is an uncompromising throwback to the days when Entombed started and all the track from the EP give me an chilled around my neck.  The EP are well-writing and you should know a band like KRYPTA that put a lot of works to rebuild the stink-atmosphere on "In Torment" EP can be deliver more incantation contents on the next release

Swedish Death Metal always a good music and have their own cherish of flavor to me, from the structure of the song to Boss HM-2 pedal monster box that really got me since I got my first "Left Hand Path" album back then. To wrath up the final words for "In Torment", this is old school Swedish Death Metal style that played by KRYPTA with a fully passion and devotions for this style and nothing more or less, it's just showed how much Swe-Death infected the worldwide DM band to pay a homage to this music. I very much enjoyed this EP, and recommend you to give a listen.