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Critical Madness : GEMULOH "Betrayed" EP/ CD

 "Decapitated! Rotting slowly! Unrecognized! Slowly dying... Bloody massacre! Drowning in fear! Gutted Alive! Painful death!"
-Painful death-
Representing the new DOD illness in town! GEMULOH. 

Reconjuring by ex-band members of KILLER CORPSE, HUMILIATION, the formation of death finally completed when Matt (Guitar), Afe (Bass), Khirol (Vocals) and Zalie (Drums) humiliated and smashed the heavy sound of Old School Death into the mass-grave with their debut EP, "Betrayed". It's still sound promising and good to our local scene or maybe some of us, (especially the Malaysian Metalhead and Death Metal lovers) that still digging the real taste from the 90's Death Metal era, and band like Obituary, Bolt Thrower or maybe the (old) Benediction album's  still on our longest running playlist from the past years. 

The sound of mass-chaos sirens open up the final way into the stench of battlefield, and the first track "Left to Die" probably will bring you back quickly and travel into the ancient sound of Old School Death Metal. The crunchy-thick tones that come up from Matt guitar's will accompany your journey into the destruction of the world greediness, "Ignoring the truth, the world turning deaf and believing the lies!". It's easy for me to follow the rthym of the song, seem GEMULOH wrote their song in in mostly simply-straight forward writing. and sometimes I already feel that I watched them alive infront of my eyes and raise my fist, do the air-headbang and keep the finger crossed to them! Total putrid-orgasm! (and I can't wait to see them alive in my hometown this coming August!

Along side of mass-chaos war / death lyrical theme that GEMULOH wrote and in the mid-range running of that EP's, you can spotted some creatived solo and stunning-groovy-heavy riff's guitar to be prevails, and strongest song de-compose that their wrote and created will be a highlight on this EP's. GEMULOH also already know how to mixed and build the real sound of DEATH METAL. The combination of mid-tempo and slowly (we rot) beats still sounded very fresh although you've been listen to that tunes from years by years and the final result of "Betrayed" EP look putrid enough when Raul of Mortuus Arts deranged and sketch the front arts in very details. Loved that arts!

And... I guess Gedebe Records already found one of the real ugly-germs in our DEATH METAL-Underground scenes! Remembering the past, and please bring the new death metal disease in town in the future! 

Comparing with the old bands that some band members of GEMULOH played in the past, I would say, this is the dark version in terms of sound that their ruptured in  Hot Sound Studio, how their approach directly their sound and I think Ahamd Zahid already done a good job to delivered the final mixing of "Betrayed" EP into the new level.  This is the ugly version  that came out from the darkside of Matt and the other band lineup. And GEMULOH probably will be a prefect choice for us that still loving the real taste of Old School Death Metal from the 90's!