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Beyond The Madness
+ July  2017 + 

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+ Interview with Ignacio Brown / CALIGARI RECORDS
+ Review | Gravewards "Subconscious Lobotomy" Demo
+ Review | Обрій ""Олтар Утопії" EP
+ Review | Huoripukki  "Voima On Oikeutta" EP 
+ Review | Krypta "In Torment" EP

Band’s of the Week : FUNEREALITY
The recording is done, and it's let us to wait and see the Swedish "Autopsy" worship, FUNEREALITY will unleash a brand new demo soon. It's will be a 6 track demo that embalmed all the laden death-doom touch by Joachim Eversholt and will out in very limited numbers. The release date is preliminary and the final artworks for the new demo will prevails soon. And here, DEATH MENTAL ILLNESS disgusting present your a advanced track called "Dead Faces" from Flabby Folds Of Flesh demo 2017 : Stay fvcking "Autopsy"!! 

News and other shits updated 
+ You can't ignore something that it's stabbing you! Some gruesome release include Butchery "Eternal Butchery" and Drenched / Self-title EP will haunted you down! Heading towards into Vile Pleasures Records and pick your death destiny!

+ For fans of Dusk, Rippikoulu and the mighty Cianide I total warn you! Beware of the rise of the Death/Doom-bones crusher! DRENCHED! Disgusting one-man band from the stinky tomb of ROTTED. CAVERNOUS RECORDS will handling the mini-cassette soon! Are you dead? and full streaming the rotting madness tones in here!

+ Fully stream-fester of "Altar Of Decay" Demo by MORTIFERUM through band-tomb-camp, a brand new disgusting of Death / Doom lead by ex-member from BONE SICKNESS. The altar of decay featured M.Bowman (Guitar / Vocals), C.Slaker (guitar), A,Mody (Drum/Vocals) and D.Fried (Bass). Nothing less, just pure ugly death on the gloomy-walk into the ancient crypts! | Listen here! 

+ For those consider himself a putrid-pervert-macabre maniac of Death Metal, head down to Vonfrost Records and grab the RUIN "Drown In Blood" tape. Awesome putrid-artwork, come in 4 pannel full color J-card, pro pad printed cassette shell and guess what? It's fvcking limited to 300 copies! | Order here! and listen here

+ Mexican putrid and horror Death Metal, NECRORITE launched a brand new tracks on the bandtomb-site today called "Necronomicon Ex-Mortis". Taken from the horror-classick of THE EVIL DEAD, the demon has resurrected far from beyond of hell. It's also featured Joaquin Granero from ONIRICOUS as special guitarist on this tracks. Listen here.

CRYPTWORM was created by T.H and J.K.  This duo stinky-corpses already on this disgusting-darkest path of Death with other bands before, some of them are COFFINBORN / PALE MIST / GRAVECRUSHER and without any doubt or fvcking tricky, I guess you already know how heavy they dismembered and festering all the sick tunes before. I got a chances to talk with Tibor Hanyi and embalmed the creation of the band (Click here for the INTERVIEW and here for the REVIEW). The tape cassette already available through GOATPRAYER RECORDS and just heading towards into the label and grab your copies. It's totally sick ever Death Metal demo was unleash on 2017!  And the upcoming 7" EP releases should be more disgusting, stinky and putrid than before.

+ Hailing from small town called Fos-sur-Mer, France and re-conducting by Christopher and Nicolas on the old coffins death surely will give another twisted-massacre into the DEATH METAL-Underground scene. Find out our latest interview with REST and the debut full length soon to be dead from Dark Blasphemies Records | INTERVIEW

+ After the breakthrough of "Pestilent" promo demo, the final incantation and hell-await for the debut full length album from ROTTED will see you shortly. The Cd version will unleash by Dark Blasphemies Records, the LP version will reveal by Nuclear Abominations and for the analog-cassette worshipper, Headsplit Records will handling the release. 

+ KILL-Town monster, UNDERGANG released a brand new down-tuned disgusted album via Dark Descent Records! "Misantropologi" CD featuring a 16-page, uncoated stock booklet with the artwork by David Mikkelsen. Listen all the digital version here!!

PATHOGEN / Cebu City, 2015
+ The San Pablo morbid death by metal, PATHOGEN are back with the new macabre threat and necro-crematory vision. "Ashes of Eternity" album are the new consecrated vomit after the reborn of "Forged in the Crucible of Death" album back in 2012. The new full-length "Ashes of Eternity" already unleash by HELLFIRE RECORDS (Tape) and OLD TEMPLE (CD). For the analog cassette hunter drop your email into : hellfirerecords@yahoo.com | REVIEW

+ OUT NOW! LORD OF THE FLIES RECORDS bring you another devastated "split" between LURKING TERROR and MORBUS GRAVE. Out in CD format and you can directly order from the label. It's present a numeruos stench between old death / grind mixed that coming from the both band's.

+ Some cool news from MEMENTO MORI tomb. Currently at press, DEAD CONSPIRACY and FOSSOR CD to be announced will out on July 24th. For some distro list, go into the shop and pick your choice because the summer clearance will end up soon. The full list of specially-priced items (over 1300 of them!) and the terms of the sale are available at this location (Click here). HAPPY HUNTING!!

+ Some good news already announced by the rotten Indonesia Death by Metal label, MORBID BASTARD RECORDS. The new putrid release will out in the short times. Will see another cool release of UNDEAD and ULTRASILVAM in old analog format. DEATH!

"Betrayed" EP / 2017
+ GEMULOH, a brand new old school Death Metal bands for those still dwell the creation of Bolt Thrower / Obituary / Benediction. The debut EP "Betrayed" was unleash by Gedebe Records some few weeks ago. Comparing with the old bands that some band members of GEMULOH played in the past, I would say, this is the dark version in terms of sound that their ruptured in  Hot Sound Studio, how their approach directly their sound and I think Ahmad Zahid already done a good job to delivered the final mixing of "Betrayed" EP into the new level.  | REVIEW

+ Crawling from Mexico-city graveyard, INCONGRUOUS has presented some heavy, crunchy yet tunes of Death/Doom. It's always a big pleasure to know the existence of the band. Find out our latest interview with the band and read our disgusting-review about this understanding debut demo on this ugly web | INTERVIEW / REVIEW

+ Shunned from the light, Born into darkness never knowing, Infant enshrined, Spawn of the alter, crush mankind... Caco-Daemon Records hails from the deepest depths of the Underground to unleash a never-ending killing spree of Old School Death Metal. The Caco-Daemon will set the world on fire by releasing very limited editions of multi-colored Demo and EP tapes that come with pro-printed inserts and certificates inked in pig blood & ash. Wait for the end to come... Check out some cool tape cassette release by Caco-Daemon Records

+ I got a chances to listen another interesting Death Metal-worms from Germany, CASKET. And here, I presenting you the first track called "Covered In Guts" from the upcoming demo 'Ghouls Of Filth'. Info on the release coming soon! GORE! DEATH DOOM!

+ Your regular brutal reading inspiration! The Other Records and Tough Riffs Zine together present issue #3 (Spring 2017) – This time a far more dirty endeavor, straight from the dust bin of death metal’s rotten underground core. 56 pages featuring new conversations with Monstrosity, Sinister, Malevolent Creation, Devoid, Morbius, Disharmonic Orchestra, Immortal Suffering, Holy Terror, Aborted, Morpheus Descends, Criminal Element, Gorgasm, Rotten Sound, Cryptopsy, Psycroptic, Blessed Sickness and Mercyless. TRUE underground literature for rabid and discriminating underground tastes!

+ The fourth slaughter-editions of SABAH DEATHFEST will dismembered all the local deadhead this coming of August 5" /2017. This editions will featured : Blood Anatomies, Malapetaka, Lavatory, Reactorizer, Succubus, Mortuary Ancestor, Reputdeath, Grind Dead, Boxtax and Severed. More info soon!

+ Ugly old school death metal from Switzerland! Hellspawn in Nov. 2013."Obskürüs": Disgusting graveyard calls & rough bass decapitation. "Vomitus": Vicious coffin hammering. "Abrupthus": Necromantic Guitar Levitations. You can listen some advanced track in here. More shit-info coming soon on RUPTURED band-tomb!

+ Fully free streaming / download for REPUTDEATH "DEMO II" and debut first "INTO THE CRYPTOS" demo in Bandcamp, Go there and listen the raw-shit-ugly production!

+ CALIGARI RECORDS, the house of horror for tape maniac. Find out bunch of cool tape release / distro and it's probably dedicated for all harsh and Unlovable underground music! Check out the shop here.

“Autopsy has something rare in death-metal and that is a certain feel or atmosphere. It's not the same feel of course but kind of like you might say a lot of black metal bands have a certain feel or atmosphere. Immolation is another band that often manages to get a lot of atmosphere and feel to their music unlike bands like...”  - Joachim Eversholt / Funereality -